Monday, February 7, 2011


So, I'm new to this blogging thing. I hope to be able to navigate through this process and figure out how to make this at least somewhat interesting. The age of 30 is creeping up on me, and the life of being a grown up has made my once athletic body and healthy lifestyle turn into a pile of mush and a drive-thru diet. Though I still exercise regularly, I've noticed that I've really been feeling crappy lately, including a level of self-consciousness I've never had before. Not only do I turn 30 this summer, I'm also getting married in November. I'd love to reach these two milestones with a healthier, happier me. So, you may inquire, why in the word would I broadcast this to the world and write a blog about it? My goals are commonplace and my complaints are the same of every other American woman, right? Well, the truth is, I'm doing it for me. I'm hoping that by tracking my progress online, I'll feel some accountability.

I ordered P90X on Saturday. I'm just waiting for it to come in the mail, and then 3 months of serious butt-kicking will commence. I did an obscene amount of research before purchasing the product. It sounds like complete and utter hell, but I will outline each daily exercise, my response, and my recovery here on this blog. Maybe I'll be able to help other people decide if this exercise program is right for them. I feel like tracking my progress here will help keep me motivated, and will maybe help get motivated too! As soon as my package comes in the mail, I'll be back to post about Day 1! Wish my luck!

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